Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pro-Marriage Equality Ad Campaign Launches in New York State

This week, HRC unveiled a new ad campaign to promote marriage equality in New York. The TV ads feature spokespeople including Julianne Moore, Kyra Sedgwick, Michael Bloomberg, Kevin Bacon, Fran Drescher, and Whoopi Goldberg.  As the New York Times says, 
The timing of the commercials is deliberate, and revealing: With the front-runner in the governor’s race, Andrew M. Cuomo, the Democratic attorney general, pledging his support for same-sex marriage, and the Legislature in Democratic hands, advocates are pushing for a new vote early next year. “We want to build excitement and momentum in advance of that,” said Brian V. Ellner of the Human Rights Campaign.
A great cause that's long overdue in New York, but too bad the execution of these is terrible and the message isn't right. Probably another case of the extreme leftists being too P.C. to actually risk running work that works in the interest of not offending anybody. But I can't fault them for the production values...they probably had no other choice given their budget. 

Wouldn't it have been nice for one of the, I don't know, hundred or so agencies in NYC to take this on as a pro-bono project and give them some work that could really move people and change minds? Even though it wouldn't directly bring in a major profit, the potential to do amazing, award-winning work is there. Why wouldn't an agency jump on this? What better way to show your potential for doing creative that works than an emotional campaign that actually got people to vote and that actually lifted hearts, minds, and human rights instead of just impressions and sales?

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