Saturday, January 16, 2010

Frightening: Focus on The Family to Air Super Bowl Ad

This is unbelievable. Focus on the Family, one of the most dangerous and despicable organizations in existence, will be joining the ranks of some of the country’s most respected and wealthy marketers by airing a TV ad in the upcoming Super Bowl. The organization has survived largely over the past several decades on its ability to brainwash middle America into thinking that gay people are sinful and can be changed. Because of this, I hold them accountable for countless suicides of LGBT children and teenagers in the U.S. Anybody who's seen the movie "For the Bible Tells Me So" has seen this first hand.

Anyway... they're actually spending upwards of $2.5 million on one Super Bowl spot, which supposedly will be focused on their anti-abortion views. $2.5 million. $2.5 million? Yes, $2.5 million. Forget about doing the Christian thing and helping out those in need in Haiti. Focus on the Family is spending $2.5 million on a Super Bowl spot. 

Be scared. If you've seen how your rights can be voted on and taken away like they were with prop 8, you should be very scared right now. What's next from them in 2011? An ad against gay marriage? Adoptive rights? Why is it that in 2010 such a hateful organization that has caused damage of such drastic magnitude can have that much money to throw away? Can you imagine if a white supremacist group raised that much money in the name of bringing back segregation? Hey, it could happen. Majority rules, right?

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but keep in mind how powerful this group is. The Human Rights Campaign is the largest group in the country advocating for LGBT equality, and they have 750,000 members. Focus on the Family has 2.3 million. Scared now?

What can you do about it? Vote. Come out. Speak out. Get involved. You'll regret more the things you didn't do when you're dying than the things you did do in life.


  1. Very well spoken. And yes, they are a powerful, scary and despicable organization.

  2. It is unfortunatey that Focus on the Family is what you would consider a scary and despicable organization. You must truly live in a bubble and not be aware of the true evil that exists in the world.

  3. I agree. I don't think these people understand what Focus really stands for. Sad.

  4. What is more frightening is that some people believe the traditional American family is a bad thing because they seek public approval of their lifestyle. That in and of itself is "dangerous and despicable" not to mention narrow minded and selfish.