Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Same-sex couples missing from marriage equality ads

Take a look at this interesting piece from the AP. While many in the LGBT community are upset that many marriage equality ads running this election season don't feature same-sex couples, I think that's the right strategy given what's happened in every other state that's had this issue on the ballot right now. As unfortunate as it may be, I believe showing same-sex couples prominently would be interpreted by most of mainstream Americans as a request for total acceptance, something that may go contrary to their religious beliefs. If we want to win, we shouldn't be asking mainstream conservative Americans for approval of us or our lives – and quite frankly, we don't need it. But we should be asking them to separate those personal views from our basic rights at the ballot box – and to do so in the name of American ideals we all share, like the right to the pursuit of happiness.

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