Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Group Urges Reframing the Marriage Equality Message

A group of high-profile Democrats and Republicans who back legalizing same-sex marriage are calling on advocates to shift the focus on the issue from an argument about equal rights to promoting the value of commitment. This is, in my opinion, an example of the need to speak in the language of your audience. While this might not be the politically correct approach in the minds of many in the LGBT community, it may certainly be the fastest. Staunch opponents of same-sex marriage either don't believe the LGBT community exists or believe being LGBT is a lifestyle choice - therefore the equality argument doesn't work since they see us as already having the same opportunity to marry somebody of the opposite sex. Hence why they always argue that we don't deserve "special rights." In essence, this new strategy is to seek equality without acknowledging that's what we're seeking. Read more here

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  1. I could not decide for now, I am weighing all the factors and I agree the there should be equality. Thanks!