Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Study Paints a Better Picture of Today's Real Modern Family

Edelman has just wrapped up an interesting study on changing US family dynamic and demographics. Among the most interesting findings include that just 4% of US families have stay-at-home moms and working dads with children under 18 years old. That's right, just 4%. Furthermore, the study points out how economic pressures and blended family models have redefined individual roles within the family: skill sets have replaced gender, and 62 percent of moms and 54 percent of dads feel that parenting roles will be redefined away from the traditional “mom and dad” roles of the past. This creates a new opportunity for marketers to think in terms of skill set versus gender, opening up the entire family as a target. The study, which was commissioned in August 2011, included in-depth interviews with 2,482 consumers among a cross-section of today’s modern family: single parents, working moms, gay partners, multicultural heads of households and grandparents.

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