Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy LGBT History Month

October is LGBT History month, and after my recent trip to the GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco, I'm excited to once again bring everyone a new LGBT icon each day throughout the month of October. We'll start things off with the first icon of the month, Kye Allums.

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  1. In honor of Gay History Month, InGroup Press and Lyn LeJeune present Elijah Rising, the story of the Ishmael-like friendship between two young men: a wealthy white New Yorker, Michael Cooke Holt, and a black tent-fundamentalist preacher, Elijah Broom, set in that period of turmoil and crisis in American history in which scientific marvels, social unrest, economic disasters, and the First World War, created new vistas about the individual and the nation. What then was it like to be gay in America in the 1920’s?

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