Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Article in Echelon Magazine

An article I wrote has been published in Echelon Magazine's October/November 2010 issue and is even featured on the cover. The magazine can be downloaded and read online here. A short bio on me also appears in the contributing writers section on page five.


  1. Perfect. (In case you wondered, from a copy editing standpoint.)

  2. This is a great article. We talk about the concept of a collective purpose often with our clients and you have done it so well in this piece. By way of background, I run a gay marketing agency in NYC.

    I believe the reason that more brands are not jumping into the market is primarily due to lack of knowledge about the segment. When we discuss the LGBT business opportunity with brand managers, the response is often something like, “We’ve talked about this a lot internally, but no one in the office knows where to begin.”

    Another reason why some brands still have not jumped in could be due to lingering homophobia or some trepidation about being the first at a company to raise the issue. Not everyone has the guts to suggest to senior management that their brand should go after gay men and lesbians.

    Get ready for a change, however. I firmly believe that we’ll see an explosion of gay targeted marketing over the next five years.