Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are you the next GayTravel Guru? Am I?

One of my favorite gay travel websites,, is holding a contest that may be too good to pass up. They're looking somebody to be their next GayTravel Guru. This person will do nothing for six months but travel all over North America, sharing every experience socially through blogs, YouTube videos, and updates via other online sites. GayTravel picks up the tab for all the accommodations and throws in a $30,000 salary. Not bad for six months of partying like a rockstar and hooking the LGBT world up with insider info on all the latest and greatest travel destinations. Check out the official video here on how it works:

I just made a profile on their site and got a little carried away uploading some of my favorite pics from my own trips. Check it out here
The deadline has just been extended until June 26th to apply, so all you fashionably late queens have an excuse this time. 


  1. Dude this would be the perfect gig for you!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get it. Don’t think I won’t be following you around North America via your website/facebook =)

  2. OMG yes, you'd be great at this! Let me know how it works out....because I know you would want me as your companion EVERYWHERE!

  3. Duh! Yes, please. You'd be perfect for this since you know about all things gay and love to trave like a son-of-a. Just send me a magnet from every locale. Thanks.