Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Next Battleground State for Gay Marriage: Minnesota

The “National Organization for Marriage” (the same hate group that enlisted Carrie Prejean as spokesperson and produced the now infamous “Gathering Storm” ad) is launching a major advertising campaign in Minnesota encouraging people to vote to exclude gays and lesbians from having the right to access civil marriage licenses. Or as the mainstream media likes to put it, they’re against “gay marriage” (as if it’s some other kind of unique or different thing we’re asking for when in reality, it’s just what everyone else has the right to already). The campaign arrives just days after three gay couples announced they were suing the state for the right to marry. The couples are challenging the state's 1997 Defense of Marriage Act,which defines marriage as a heterosexual union. State lawmakers have also recently introduced marriage equality bills.

N.O.M.’s Minnesota ad campaign is starting off with a $200,000 media buy to run this TV ad across the state. Guess they didn't have much extra to spend on the ad itself given the 80's visuals and production quality reminiscent of Hoveround advertising.

Good luck. I’m sure it will rile up the base, but other than that, I doubt this laughable piece of crap will have much of an effect. History has shown that until you make up lies about endangering kids and what’s taught in the classroom, you’ll have little success in swaying public opinion. 

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