Monday, May 3, 2010

Continental and United to Merge

It's official. United Airlines and Continental Airlines have agreed to become one. The combined airline will retain United's name and Chicago headquarters, with Continental's livery, logo, and colors.
“Continental is strong where United is weak and United is strong where Continental is weak,” said Continental CEO, Chairman and President Jeff Smisek during a Monday morning conference call with investors and reporters. “It's a match made in heaven.”
Other than their network, I'm not sure where exactly United is strong. From a branding perspective, I'm surprised they went with United's name. The Continental brand has more equity and a better reputation on practically every front. 


  1. Agreed on the name choice. Continental has always been known for being one of the more quality of the large airlines. Too bad we still have no one here to compete against AA from DFW.

  2. Maybe because I lived in Chicago, but I like United? I like their name, colors and logo. I always thought of Continental as a small regional airliner?