Monday, April 5, 2010

New LGBT-Targeted Daily Contest Site Launches April 15th

Unicorn Booty (yes, that's right) is a daily contest site targeted to the LGBT community that will be fueled by the power of social networking. Each day, the sight will give away a free product from a different featured company. Users simply leave a comment about the product on the site for a chance to win. Companies can promote their products by purchasing a day on the site starting at $30, and 10% of all proceeds go to LGBT-friendly non-profits (the first being Seattle-based Lifelong AIDS Alliance). Here is their video press release:

And here's more on how it will work:


  1. This is pure genius. I wonder how they will handle product criticism though?

  2. Hey, Nick here from Unicorn Booty! Thanks so much for the coverage! We look forward to welcoming everyone over at Unicorn Booty for our April 15th launch - with our IPad giveaway!

    RE product criticism, we are featuring only products that we actually like so that should help! However, its a free community, and people can say what they want. We hope to be happy evangelists for great products from allied businesses either way!