Saturday, February 6, 2010

Florida "Family Policy" Council Purposely Uses Wrong Photo To Mock Adoptive Couple

This is unbelievable. A Christian group in Florida with the deceptive name of "Florida Family Policy Council" has made a deliberate attempt to ridicule a lesbian couple involved in an adoption case. After the lesbian couple was granted adoptive rights, the group used the photo on the left in their press materials about the case. That photo is the first thing that comes up when you do a google image search for "ugly lesbians." The actual couple in the case is the beautiful pair on the right, South Florida trade-show executive Vanessa Alenier and her partner, Melanie Leon. 

What can we do about this?
1. Share this story as widely as you possibly can to shed light on this phony and malicious organization
2. Give them a piece of your own mind at

And remember, it's a Christian group, so choose your words accordingly.

The full story can be read here. 

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