Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ad Spotlight: Fudge Hair Products

One of the first product launches to actively target the LGBT market in the early 90's was Fudge hair products. 

“Our marketing was very unusual and considered quite outrageous in the 90s. No one ever catered for gay people. We were in the Mardi Gras. We went into the gay market because they were immaculate in their dressing and hair care in that period,” said Glen Dean, Fudge's retail manager. 
“We also had unusual names for our products – they all came from songs, like Yellow Submarine and Cherry Bomb. One of our biggest successes was a product that changed brown hair to purple. It was a big fashion trend then and now, it’s purple highlights.”
Fudge introduces two to three new products a year. While the products started out as male-centric, the customer base is now 60% to 70% female.
Some of their latest products include Hard Stuff, an extreme holding product; Shaper Mint, based on the original product; Liquid Erekt, for straightening for blow drying and styling; and Salt Spray, for that raw, sultry, just got out of bed look. There’s also Shaper Lite for flexible and malleable hair, Liquid Skrewd for curls, and Head Shine for that bad hair day.
Fudge is sold at retail stores and professional salons worldwide, and currently, it’s available in 53 countries, including New Zealand, Britain and the United States.

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