Thursday, February 21, 2008

How do we measure?

I've been doing a lot of traveling for work recently, and many experiences have caused me to ponder the idea of how we measure time periods and moments. I've been thinking about how the classification and categorization process differs for different people, and on which criteria this is based.

For instance, I haven't lived in Dallas for very long, and on my last trip out to the airport, I started to first think of myself as no longer "new to Dallas." Why? Because I didn't have to mapquest the directions. I was confident that I could remember exactly how to get there. My familiarity and geographical connection was my reference point in feeling connected to home.

Other measuring points of consideration:
-"Passengers traveling with young children" who can board planes first... how does one classify "young"? And to what degree can the desire to cram carry-on luggage into the plane before others take the space qualify a 12-year old as young?
-"Frequent flyer"... defined by the passenger's view him or herself or by set by airline reward programs? If by each passenger, how might this differ generationally and economically?

Just some thoughts.

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