Monday, February 18, 2008

ProActiv vending machine

Acne can be emotionally devastating and embarrassing. I spotted this ProActiv vending machine in the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport recently, initially wondering if part of the thinking behind the concept was that acne sufferers are embarrassed purchasing acne products in traditional drug stores. But that begs the question, is using a vending machine in a major airport any less embarrassing? Or how about getting it pulled out of your carryon luggage at the security checkpoint returning home?

So, the embarrassment factor probably wasn't the idea driving this. Perhaps it's just convenience, and also the cool factor in differentiating your product in an overly cluttered, crowded category. Unless, of course, it gets stuck in the machine and you have to call an 800-number to get it out.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome find!

    I currently use ProActiv and get them through the oh-so-convenient mail service (it's a lot like Netflix).

    I don't think these kiosks will be very successful. Who thought they would be? Very interesting...

    Welcome to the blogosphere!