Monday, June 14, 2010

Clear Channel Rejects St. Petersburg Pride Billboards

Not sure what to make of this. Two of the four billboards that the organizers of St. Petersberg Pride had planned on buying to promote their upcoming festival were rejected by Clear Channel Outdoor, prompting the organization to cancel its pending contract with them altogether.

One rejected billboard features a pair of men - shirtless, presumably at a beach - smiling for a photo with the caption "My family is fun."  The other billboard that was rejected features a pair of women lying down at the beach together - presumably in the moment before a kiss - with the caption, "My family is free."

The other two billboards in the campaign, however, were not rejected. One of the approved billboards had an apparent drag queen in leather with the caption "My family is fierce."  The other approved billboard had two men on a couch with a toddler and the caption "My family is fabulous & fearless."

So, moral of the story is that gays are ok on billboards as long as they’re not on a beach? Clear Channel wouldn't say why it rejected two of the billboards, but said, "as a matter of policy, we don't discuss creative decisions on signage."

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