Friday, November 6, 2009

Mayoral Runoff Could Make Houston the First Major U.S. City with a Gay Mayor

Dallas couldn't make it happen last time with Ed Oakley (thanks in large part to Leppert's scare tactics). But now, Texas has another chance to rewrite its history. So let's focus our energy and efforts to make it happen in Houston! How much would it say to the rest of the country that Texas is changing if one of it's cities was the first major one to elect a gay mayor? We can make it happen! 

According to the Dallas Voice, Annise Parker will face Gene Locke in a mayoral runoff on Dec. 12. Parker received 31 percent of the vote to Locke’s 25 percent, almost 10,000 votes more than the second place candidate. Peter Brown, a self-financed candidate who spent more than $3.5 million, placed third with 23 percent of the vote. Roy Morales, the only self-described conservative and the only Hispanic in the race, received 21 percent of the vote. 

Parker spent about $1 million on her campaign. Although she was third in the amount of money spent in the election, she was first in number of individual donors. Those donations translated into votes and volunteers. While the other candidates resorted to negative campaigns in the last days before the election, Parker said she remained focused on the issues. After her Tuesday night victory, she appeared on stage with her partner, Kathy Hubbard, and their two children. 

Learn more about Annise and how you can help here

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