Thursday, November 5, 2009

Former Advocate Editor-In-Chief on the Magazine's Downfall

Many of us learned the sad news last week that The Advocate will soon be reduced to an insert in Out magazine. Now, former editor-in-chief Judy Wieder offers her take on the publications demise:

What the hell happened? What colossal cluster of f-ups managed to devastate a magazine that was so important even ten years ago that every serious news media in the world turned to it for back up sourcing when covering gay issues? A magazine that was such a desirable icon in the community, it gave its then owners, LPI Media, the resources to buy/rescue its nearly bankrupt rival, Out. A magazine that not only reported on, analyzed, and clarified the nonstop information that sites like its own coughed up relentlessly, but actually made news. Breaking news that appeared in the magazine became news that other media chased...

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