Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coca Cola to Sponsor NYC Pride

In a surprising move, Coca Cola announced today that it will be the presenting sponsor of NYC gay pride this year. Surprisingly good, that is, that the top global brand in the world is openly making such a major commitment to the LGBT community. With support for gay rights highest amount younger age groups and with kids coming out younger and younger, it seems like a good business decision too. 

Here's what they said via press release: “At Coca-Cola, one of our seven core values is diversity, and we define that in a simple way - we are as inclusive as our brands,” said Hallie Lorber, Director of Field Marketing, Northeast region. “Through our partnership with NYC Pride, we hope to promote diversity by recognizing the valued members of the Coca-Cola family who help build our business every day, as well as people in the LGBT community for whom our brands inspire moments of optimism, happiness and refreshment.” 

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