Thursday, August 5, 2010

Campell's Soup Situation Gets Even Uglier


Request Foods, the Campbell’s Soup affiliate that teamed up with the “Family Research Council” to run this discriminatory ad advocating against civil rights, is an even dirtier company than we thought. Thanks to a tip from a BrandFabulousness reader, I learned that the president of Request is a guy named Jack DeWitt, who has a long history of contributing toward anti-civil rights causes, and is even rumored to have ties to Eric Prince of Blackwater Security. Isn't it amazing that Campell's would have any ties whatsoever to such an inhumane company that would sponsor this piece of garbage? Especially considering Campbell's excellent track record with the LGBT community?


  1. The address for Douglas Conant returns as 'undeliverable'. (no such user)

  2. This is Beth from Campbell Soup Company.

    Here's what we have to say about the ad: As you can imagine, we were very upset when we learned of the advertisement. Campbell has nothing to do with the ad in question, and the views expressed in it in no way reflect the opinions of our company. People from all walks of life enjoy Campbell's products. We respect all people and value diversity and inclusion.

    We were very disappointed to see the advertisement, and we immediately expressed our strong dissatisfaction with its content to the management team at Request Foods. Request Foods has informed Campbell that the ad was paid for by one of its investors without the knowledge and permission of the company. Request also informed Campbell that the opinions expressed in the ad do not reflect Request Foods' views.

    Request Foods has posted its statement about the ad on its website,, under the "News" header.

  3. Beth,

    Thank you so much for your response. I will post an update shortly.

    Brian Stout