Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ad Spotlight: McDonald's

That's right, McDonald's has a new TV ad featuring a father and his gay son. It's a part of their new campaign in France that features the tagline "come as you are."  

The spot opens with a young guy looking at his class photo in a McDonald's when his cell phone rings. "Yes, I was thinking of you," he says into the phone. "I'm looking at the class photo, and I miss you," he adds as he lovingly strokes one of the other guys in the photo. "I have to go," he says as his father approaches with their meal. Dad asks, "Is that your class photo?" The son nods and hands it over to him. "I looked just like you when I was your age," says nostalgic papa. "I did quite well with the girls." Awkward moment as the son looks away from his father. But then dad saves the moment by saying, "It's too bad there are only boys in your class...You have all the luck." Smiles and loving looks of understanding all around as a folk singer begins to croon, "I'm going on my road..." Fade to black and the new McDonald's slogan: "Come as you are." 

Great ad. I wish they'd run it here in English.

1 comment:

  1. It seems that the father is actually saying, "You'd have all the luck." As in, his son would get all the girls if he wasn't in an all boys class.