Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Planningness 2009

This past weekend I attended an account planning conference in San Francisco called "Planningness 2009." It was a weekend full of collaborative workshops with other account planners (aka brand strategists for any readers outside the industry).
Highlights included a session by Grant McCracken on the emergence of the Chief Culture Officer role, a session by Adrian Ho on creating modern branding tools, and a presentation on connections planning by Gareth Kay and Jason Oke. Other topics included semiotics, how to do standup comedy, storytelling, and experimenting on the internet, just to name a few. But one of my favorite workshops was by Mary Jane Stevenson and Emily Dulcan, the California Director and California Communications Director of Organizing for America. The workshop focused on developing a personal story about a time when you were faced with making an important decision, and using this story as an effective tool for grassroots organizing. 
Thanks to Mark Lewis and Claire Grinton for their hard work in making Planningness a huge success. And a shout out to my new friends I met!


  1. Dude, we need to get lunch together! I want to soak up all you learned and possibly have an engaging conversation to reinforce in YOUR brain all you learned there. It always helps to share with others. :) Maybe Friday?

  2. Erin, Friday is crazy but I'd love to do lunch on Monday or another day next week! Looking forward to it.

  3. sounds useful and interesting.