Monday, September 28, 2009

A Nice Touch

A few weeks ago in Chicago, I stopped by a Caribou Coffee on the way back to O'Hare. The "Happy Monday" sticker that doubled as a coupon for my next visit was a nice touch that showed they were attentive to detail and were interested in giving me more than just the expected rational benefit of a warm cup of coffee and caffeine to start my day. Combined with the daily trivia, I'd be interested enough to return to Caribou a second time to see what another day might bring (for me, even though the coupon wasn't a driver to return, the message was).

A great example of a brand really sticking to its principles but still being flexible and creative enough to be interesting. We all strive to be consistent, but sometimes we forget that we can still be consistently interesting. If we're boring, our consumers will get bored and will start experimenting with our competitors. Clearly, some creativity and attention to detail can help prevent this.

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